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As in previous years, there will be two types of submissions which will be published: Full Research Paper and Short Paper/Work in Progress Paper. Furthermore, a poster submission and a talk only presentation is also possible, but without any publication.

Full Research Papers:
Accepted Full Research Papers will be published in the Springer book series "Progess in IS: Advances in Environmental Informatics". The scope of Full Paper contributions is 15 plus/minus 2 pages. These papers will be peer reviewed on basis of your submission.

LaTeX / Word templates and proceedings guidelines for the full scientific papers to be published by Springer can be found under Guidelines for full scientific papers.
Please use Springer MathPhys Style for References (See Key Style Points here).

Please also fill out the Springer-granting-of-rights form after your submission was accepted.

Short or Work in Progess Papers:
Accepted Short or Work in Progress Papers will be published in "Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), Proceedings - Series of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI)". The scope of this paper contributions is 8 pages plus/minus 2 pages. These papers will be peer reviewed on basis of your submission.

For Short or Work in Progress Contributions pleses use the following templates:
Word (also with author's instructions

Please note: The Authors-Template has been renewed (since March 2022)! Please download the new version here. The new version has no header, no pagination which will be created by the editor.

Please also fill out the LNI-granting-of-rights form after your submission was accepted. (GI Edition Proceedings Volume for EnviroInfo 2022 is 328)


TypeSubmission/ ReviewingPublicationDeadlinePublishing House

Full scientific research paper

Complete text for peer review

15 pages in a springer book

(+/- 2 pages) with ISBN


Work in progress or short contribution 
(problems, ideas, visions)
Complete text for peer review

8 pages (+/- 2 pages) published with ISBN


Talk only

Short abstract (300 words) for peer review



No publication,

presentation during conference

Important Dates

21.05.2022 Deadline Call for Papers - Submission Deadline for Full Research Papers and Short/Work in Progress Papers

17.06.2022 Notification of Acceptance for all Papers

12.07.2022 Deadline Accepted Paper Submission (camera ready)

12.07.2022 Deadline Submission Student's Award

26.07.2022 Deadline Talk only Submission

02.08.2022 Deadline Input Programme Brochure

26.09.-28.09.2022 EnviroInfo Conference in Hamburg