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Prof. Dr. Grit Behrens

University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Grit Behrens since 2010 has been a professor of Applied Compute Science at University of Applied Science Bielefeld with fields of activity in Environmental Informatics, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Web Engineering.  In 2011 she was a cofounder of Solar Computing Lab at Campus Minden and headed several projects on AI-applications in the field of Photovoltaics. She worked on 3D-Solar Potential calculations of buildings including facade and shading objects in area around and on ai-based monitoring applications of solar fields for estimation of power yield and recognition of failures in PV systems.  From 2016 she is the head of research focus “Interdisciplinary development of applications in the area of Environmental Informatics” of University od Applied Sciences Bielefeld and leads two joint projects on air quality measurement, energy efficiency in buildings and behavior change systems for environmentel friendly heating and ventilation behaviour of habitants.